Canon Ending

Chapter 1

Kota:Starkiller we are under attack!

Starkiller:From who?

Juno:Boba Fett, he followed us through hyperspace.

An explosion hit the ship. Starkiller:What happened?


Starkiller:Can we go after him?

Kota:No, he probably went to some Imperial Outpost, we'd be torn to shreads before we even landed.

Starkiller:Is there any place we can go?

Juno:Yes, a few, not many, but a few.


Juno:Cloud City, Nar Shadaa Kota:What about Nalek?

Starkiller:Wheres Nalek?

Kota:I had it erased from Imperial Records a year or so before the Clone Wars.

Juno:Just give me the corridnantys and we will be on our way.

PROXY:I am finally finished rebuilding myself

Chapter 2

After arriving on Nalek, Starkiller found a secret lab of Darth Vader and attacked it, stole its 3 experiment watches and deleted all of the memory on its computers. When he got back on the ship he found that the watch would not come off.

Kota:Boy can your watch come off?


Juno:Mine wont either

Starkiller:Lets see what it can do.

After several tests, Starkiller found the watches, powered by the force could litilerly alter anything, he could create clothes, soldiers, people, droids even lightsabers and crystals with a thought.

Starkiller:This is amazing.

Juno:Yes, but how come mine is working, im not force sensative?

Starkiller:I have no idea, but this thing can scan anything and i can create a whole new thing, an exact copy, like Juno or Kota.

Kota: I have my eyesight back as well because of these things, i wonder what Vader was going to do with these things.

Starkiller:I have no idea, but we made sure Vader couldnt make them anymore.

Kota:Maybe, but what is our next move, Vader is back with the Emperor, and the Alliance High Command wants to get more Jedi on its side.

Starkiller:I have no idea what to do, all of the information on the Jedi is gone, the only thing we could possibly have is the Jedi target list inside the memory banks of PROXY, and Vader locked them up after he betrayed me.



Starkiller:Really what?

Kota:You maybe a clone, but you have finally relaized you need to take his place.

Starkiller:Right, but im not using his name.

Kota:Good enough, i had gotten something about 16 years before i met you.

Starkiller:Really, what?

Kota:I have it stored on our watches already but, its your Father's old lightsaber.

Starkiller:How did you get this?

Kota:A messanger brought it to me, it had a letter saying "Keep this safe".

Starkiller:Thank you Kota, so much.

Kota:No problem boy, but now what?

Juno:What do you mean?

Kota:The alliance wants me back on the battlefield, and Juno, you need a whole new starship.

Starkiller:I think i can create an Executer like-ship, it shouldnt be to hard.

Kota:And a whole droid crew?

Starkiller:Ya, but what about me?

Kota:What do you mean?

Starkiller:I mean my past self founded the Alliance, shouldnt i take command?

Kota:Maybe, but for now, lie low boy.

Starkiller:i will, but how can i help the war effort, its not like i can just walk up to an Imperial base and blow it up without getting noticed by someone.

Kota:I don;t know boy, for now, find a place you can live and hide until i can bring you to the Alliance High Command.

Juno:Sorry to butt in, but when can you create that starship for me?

Starkiller:Ill start it tomorrow.

PROXY:I have an idea master.

Starkiller.Juno/Kota(all at once):What is it?

PROXY:I have access to all Imperial records, we can find Jedi and create a whole new Jedi Order.

Starkiller:I have no formal Jedi Traning, i cant. . .

Kota:Yes you can, your trained and you can help the war efffort bye converting Jedi to our cause.

PROXY:Doesnt he need a rank, you know, Knight, Master, Consuler, Grand Master?

Kota:Yes, just take Jedi Master.

Starkiller:If you say so.

Kota:Um boy, can you uh. . .

Starkiller creates a Rouge Shadow-like ship.

Kota:Thanks, ill check back on you in 2 weeks.

Chapter 3

3 days later Starkilelr had created an Executer- like ship and named it The Eclipse, and a space station he called The Kota.

Juno:Ok i have looked over this station's plans, you have a secret room just for yourself, a meditation and training room for you and your using the PROXY Program, what is that exacly?

Starkiller: Well, we have 5,000 Sith Traning Droids similar to PROXY's designs and i discovered that i can program them so PROXY can control them with a single thought.

Juno:Isnt that not safe?

PROXY: Oh no Captain Eclipse, i can cantrol over 9,000 with a single thought, its very simple for me acutally, i can be dueling my master and control all the driods on here at once.

Juno:And they will be taking various holoprojections?

PROXY:Correct, and if they are damaged, all their systems will completly shut off and memory erased so we are untrackable.

Starkiller:awesome isnt it?

Juno:I guess, but who's in charge of this massive facility?

Starkiller:You are Juno.

Juno:What if we arent here?

Starkiller:I got that covered, PROXY will use one of his projections.

Juno:I see, and there are various secret entrances to your room?


Juno:Marvelous and when do we start hunting for Jedi?

Starkiller:Looking, and i plan on departing in an hour on the Rouge Shadow

Juno:Where to?


Starkiller gets on his Jedi Adventure robe and takes out his second(Kota's) and his Fathers Lightsaber and hides them in his robe.

Starkiller:PROXY go prep the Rouge Shadow for launch please.

PROXY:Right away Master.

Chapter 4

After about 2 weeks, Starkiller had either re-created or rounded up Jedi to join his 'Counci;" amoung hte Jedi he had created, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto and Shaak Ti. Starkiller had just awoke after an hour nap.

Juno:Have a nice rest?

Starkiller:No not really.

Juno:Well we have word from Kota.

Starkiller:Really, so where does he want to meet?

Juno just looked at him with an expectant look.

Starkiller:Here on the Eclipse?


Starkiller: When is he going to arrive?

Juno:In about 10 minutes


15 minutes later

Kota:Hey boy, how did your search go?

Starkiller:Great, we got a lot of Jedi.

Kota:How many?

Starkiller:30, including you and me, most are re-created.


Starkiller:Good, now what?

Kota:Now, we strike hard at an Imperial Base, near Raxas Prime, we will need 10 Cruisers, 10,000 Soldiers. 600 Pilots, 600 fighters, and 200 MAAT's.

Starkiller:Oh my god, that wil ltake us forever to make!

Kota:Im helping you.

Starkiller, you better be.

Kota:Shall we get started?

Starkiller:Ya but we need to close off the port.

Kota:Alright, lets get started.

After about 3 hours, the invasion fleet had been made.

Starkiller:I hate doing that!

Kota:It could be worse.


Kota:I could have completly messed up the numbers and we could be walking into a death trap.

Starkiller:Thats why i made an extra cruiser, and crew for Juno to command from with a PROXY droid.

Kota:Good idea, we might need some extra reinforements.

Juno:How many did you make?

Starkiller:Double what Kota estimated

Juno:Why, whats the point?

PROXY:Just in case we are walking into a legitamite trap, or we would just need the extra reinforcements.

Kota:Oh ya, what do we do about your Jedi Order?

Starkiller:I don't know, I think we will keep them on The Eclipse, in the hidden rooms until our return.

Kota:Alright now lets go over the attack during the trip.

Chapter 5

The trip would only take an hour, but Kota and Starkiller spent the entire time going over the battle plan.

Starkiller:No no General, we launch the bomb-loaded cruiser into the base, then when they are all dazed and confused, we launch the invasion, get the cloning data, and blow that place to Kingdom Come.

Kota:Yes, thats what we are doing, but what about the half-dozen Shadow Guards on the outside of the station?

Starkiller: Oh, well i didnt htink of that, maybe we can launch the extra few Y-Wings, pitloted by a few Sith Trainiing Droids to bomb the place, get it ready, then have them suicde dive into the building itself to weaken their morale.

Juno:That could work, but what about their anti-aricraft guns stationed near the guards?

Starkiller:We must hope for the best Juno.

Juno:Alright, its your call.

After about half an hour, Starkiller got dressed in the Experimental Jedi Armour Kota had given him.

Juno:Can you see in that?

Starkiller:i can see fine, a little heavy, but im fine, this thing can hold even from a rocket shot.


They get out of hyperspace and launch their droid-suicide Y-wings and the battle begins. Although the Empire is caught off guard from the sudden, massive attack from the Rebels, they quickly come back with a powerful counter attack with advanced TIE Fighter X's with 12 blaster canons, that nearly cirppled one of the smaller capital ships. After 2 hours, Starkiller launched himslef to the ground with Kota. Starkiller cut down a dozen Storm Troopers before signailing the ship to crash into the base. After the massive hole was made, Starkiller signaled for the Invasion to begin, after a few minutes, Starkiller and Kota quickly got the cloning data and placed charges everywhere and blew the place to the ground, but before they could signal a group of Gunships to pick them up, 2 Heavily-Armed Star Destroyers jumped out of hyperspace.

Juno: Eclipse to Starkiller come in!

Starkiiler:Yes Juno?

Juno:2 Heavy Destroyers jumped out of hyperspace, combined with the attacks from these new TIE Fighters, we wont last long, and I cant send the Gunships down, they will be shot down before they reach the atmosphere.

Starkiller:Great, General, you got any ideas?

Kota:This wasnt accodring to plan, but Juno, just hold on for a few minutes and try and send the gunships!


After 15 minutes of constant blasterfire, half the invasion troops Starkiller had touch down, were shot down and half of their cruisers were gone. Starkiller signaled for the other 12 Cruisers from hiding and attacked the Star Destroyers.

Starkiller:That help at all?

Juno:It will, thank you. Juno said with a laugh.

Kota:Can you send the transports?

Juno:Yes, give them 2 minutes!

Kota:Thats all we got Eclipse!

After 5 minutes, the MAATS came down and picked the Jedi and remaining invasion force up. After getting into space, Starkiller gazed upon the death and destruction the battle had caused.

'Starkiller:Launch an Orbital Strike on the Imperial Base!

Trooper:Sir yes sir!

Starkiller watched as the beams of pure energy bombarded the remains of the base, killing hundreads.

Kota:You ok boy?

Starkiller:Ya ya, um just, lets get out of here!

Juno:Can do

After jumping into hyperspace with no signs of pursuit, Starkiller changed into a more civillian gear, with a white shirt, black pants, a black hoodie-like coat with twin secret compartments for lightsabers.

Starkiller:That was a disaster.

Kota:Ya, we may have lost half our forces but come on boy, we have the tech, we now have a majoir fighting force to fight the Empire with!

Starkiller:I know, i know, Kota, you take our remaining Invasion force and bring them to the Rebel HQ.

Kota:What are you gonna do?

Starkiller:Find a place to hide and live from the Empire, maybe Cloud City, Nar Shadda, Tatooine, Kashyk, i dont know.

Juno:Let me come with you!

Starkiller:I didnt have any other plans.

Kota:Contact me anytime boy.

Starkiller:Right, general.

After a year of hiding, Galen proposed and married Juno Eclipse(Marek) in 0ABY on Kasykk and had two children, Rahm Kento Marek and Juno Eclipse Marek(which earned her the nickname Jem) both powerful with the force, at age two, Galen started teaching them in the ways of the force. Eventually, in 4 ABY after the initial defeat of the Empire, Kota started helping teach the young children into becoming the next generation of Jedi.

Chapter 6

6 Months after the defeat of the Empire at Endor, on Kashykk. Galen,PROXY, Juno Rahm, Jem and Kota are on the forest floor.

Galen:Alright PROXY, take the form of. . . . Maul


PROXY takes the form of Darth Maul and activates the twin, crimson blades.

Kota:Show no fear you two, take the Soresu stance.

Rahm:Yes Master

Jem:Yes Master

Rahm activates his lightsaber to a dark aqua colored blade and Jem activates hers to a bright magenta colored blade.

Galen:Show no fear, show no anger, PROXY, dont go to easy.

PROXY/Maul:Yes Master.

The End.

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