Scout troopers are scout, recon, and sniping units. They are founds in several levels, such as the Jedi Temple.
Scout Trooper TFU

Scout Trooper

They primarily wield sniper rifles. They have white armor.

They fire very slowly, but it's hard to deflect and very powerful. You will see a yellow beam follow you as you travel, once it turns red the Scout Trooper will then fire. One way of dodging the attack is to dash when the beem turns red.


Lightly armored but highly mobile Imperial Stormtroopers, Scout Troopers are usually assigned to planetary garrisons to patrol perimeters, perform reconnaissance missions, and identify enemy locations. Because their mission profile usually requires long stints away from Imperial resupply, Scout Troopers are trained survivalists who often carry personal survival kits, portable power units, food supplies, microcords, and specialized gear designed for the local terrain. Scout Troopers are known for their selfreliance and ability to operate alone, and the Empire has discovered that these traits make Scout Troopers excellent snipers. Many Scout Troopers are armed with collapsible long-range sniper rifl es equipped with powerful scopes and small targeting computers. The Scout Trooper’s sniper rifle is deadly and extremely accurate but does emit a brief laser sight beam before firing.