Bull Rancor

the bull rancor which is about the size of Jabba's rancor

A rancor is a large carnivorous creature. There are three kinds in the game, the felucian rancor, Jabba's rancor, and the bull rancor
Rancor subspecies
felucian rancor
The felucian rancor is the second weakest of the three, it is distinguishished by the face paint and occasionally is mounted by a felucian.
Bull rancor
There is only one bull in the game on dark felucia, it is identified by its long tail, four tusks on it's head, and pale skin.
Jabba's rancor
jabba's rancor is the size and has the abilities of the bull rancor and has a similar appearance to a felucian rancor, the easiest way to kill it is to open the door and go inside, the door automatically closes on the rancor's neck

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