General Qu Rahm Kota is a Jedi Master and survivor of Order 66. During the Clone Wars, he led an army of recruited militia, as he harboured a mistrust of the Clone troopers


Before the Clone WarsEdit

Kota was born on a wartorn planet, and was thrust into the planet's internal conflict at the age of ten. When Kota was eighteen, Jedi Master Mace Windu was sent to the planet to negotiate a peaceful resoulution to the violent civil war. The pair quickly made friends, and Windu recognised Kota's force potential, and took him back to Coruscant. Windu appealed to the Council, asking for Kota to be trained. Despite being well above the traditional age of acceptance, Kota was trained the use of the Force and the lightsaber by Jedi Grand Master Yoda. Kota's gruff, militant personality meant few Jedi connected to him. He strongly believed the Council should take a stronger stance when punsihing criminals or negotiating treaties.

Clone Wars YearsEdit

At the onset of the Clone Wars, Kota, along with his contempories, was assigned to the rank of General in the Grand Army of the Republic, although he refused to lead the clone troopers, feeling they were untrustworthy and unfit for battle. Instead, he formed his own militia, consisting of local planetary militias, battle-hardened mercenary groups, and even Separatist prisoners of war. Republic military records stated that Kota led some of the Republic's most successfull campaigns and offensives in the Outer Rim.

Kota's mistrust of the clone troopers proved to be correct when Chancllor Palpatine, secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, launched Order 66. While most of his fellow Jedi were slain, Kota escaped death as there were no clones serving with him to recieve the order. He and the surviving militiamen commandeered a Republic Star Destroyer, and fled deep into the Outer Rim territories.

Opposing the EmpireEdit

Kota fled to the Outer Rim, where he decided to dedicate his life to opposing the Empire. In secret, he and his militia began establishing several hidden bases, and subsequently, hundreds of new recruits flocked to his banner as the Empire tightened it's grip on the galaxy. Kota and his militia brought much of their equipment from the black market, most notably from the Lok Revenants. He allied himself to Bail Organa, and the dissident Senator began feeding Kota data on Imperial targets, and the renegade Jedi and his loyal militia battalion began raiding Imperial installations across the galaxy. He began by remaining discreet, and raided Imperial supply lines and convoys, factories, and the like. He eventually worked his way up to attacking larger targets, hoping to bring down the Empire. He remained commited to is objective of destroying Darth Vader, and hoped to destroy both the Sith Lords.

Kota's scattered campaigns against the Galactic Empire culminted in a raid against the TIE Fighter Construction Facility in orbit above the moon of Nar Shadaa. Kota and his militia boarded the station, and engaged the stormtrooper complement. He and his troops captured the command centre, and once this occured, a vessel was detected on approach to the facilty. Kota believed it was Vader, being brought to face him, and readied his troops for battle.

However, it wasnt Vader, but his secret apprentice, Galen Marek, codenamed "Starkiller", who stepped off the ship. Kota, despite being dissapointed, engaged the young man in a duel to the death. Kota quickly realised he had underestimated the man, and was beaten back. After Marek tripped him up, the combatants confronted each other in a lightsaber lock. During this time, Kota recieved a vision, and saw himself in Marek's future. Before he could counter the saberlock, Marek pressed the lightsabers onto his eyes, blinding him, before tossing him out the station's viewport.

Fall from GraceEdit

Kota vs. Starkiller

Incredibly, Kota survived. He settled on Nar Shadaa, and took up residence in a bar, where he paid for exclusive use of a table. he became drunk and dishevelled, and adopted a defeatist attitude.

Despite his efforts to maintain a low profile, word of a blind man who could pour a bottle of Correllian barndy without spilling a drop soon reached the ears of Imperial agents.

Marek, who had been tasked to formualte an Alliance of rebels to oppose the Empire, found Kota, and convinced him to accompany him. The pair barely escaped Imperial troops on Nar Shadaa, and escaped in Marek's ship, the Rogue Shadow,

Rescue of Princess LeiaEdit

After leaving the system, Kota was given access to a communications console onboard the ship by Juno Eclipse, Mareks other companion and the ship's pilot. Kota tried to comtact Senator Organa, but failed, He suddenly remembered the Senator had tried to recruit him to rescure his daughter from captivity on Kashyyyk. Kota had refused, as he was planning the raid on the TIE Fighter Factory. Realising that Organa could be a powerful ally in the fight for freedom, Kota reasoned that Leia's rescue could persuade the Senator to join them. Subsequently, Eclipse set a course for Kashyyk, where Marek fought his way across the Imperial-occupoed world, where he eventually found Leia, and,at her bidding, he destroyed an Imperial skyhook to allow the Wookiees time to recuperate. Leia escaped imprisonment, taking a hijacked Imperial transport to safety.

Rescue of Bail OrganaEdit

Kota learnt that Organa had gone in search of another Jedi, and vanished on Felucia while searching for Shaak Ti. Kota told Eclipse to set a course for Felucia, and Marek fought through the corrupted wildlife and native warriors, eventually confronting and defeating Shaak Ti's corrupted apprentice, Maris Brood, who escaped. Marek rescued Organa, and this led to a reunion between Organa and Kota. Organa agreed to rally support from his fellow dissident Senators. Satisfied, Kota announced that they needed to destroy another Imperial military target to prove to the galaxy that the Empire was vulnerable.

Mission to Raxus PrimeEdit

After meditating on the matter, Marek told Kota he had found a target, a shipyard producing Star Destroyers over Raxus Prime. The companions arrived on the planet, and Marek set out to destroy the shipyard using an ore cannon, which was used to propel components of the ships into the atmosphere. The shipyard was destroyed, but a Star Destroyer from the assembly line fell out and was rapidly tumbling towards the junk planet. Marek informed Kota of the new development via comlink, and the Jedi Master told Marek he would have to use the Force to pull the Star Destroyer into the ore cannon. Kota, after hearing the explosion of te ship colliding with the cannon, called through the comlink to check if Marek was alright. After confirmation that he was, Kota told the young man he had scheduled a meeting with Bail's ally, Senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia.

After arriving on Cloud City and rescuing Bel Iblis from Bounty Hunters, Bel Iblis announced to Marek he was willing to follow the rebel cause, and he would need to meet further with Organa.

Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and Chandrilan Senator Mon Mothma met at Organa's Cantham House residence. In the meantime, Kota, Marek, and Eclipse concealed themselves on the remote world of Rhomamool for eight days. After this period of time, Kota recieved a message from Organa informing him that the meeting to establish the Rebel Alliance was to take place in secret on Corellia. On Kota's orders, Eclipse set a course for Corellia.

Formation of the AllianceEdit

In an abandoned monastery in the arcitc wastes of Corellia, the Senators and Marek were joined by Kota, who had sobered up, cleaned his robes, and generally tidied his appearance. He announced he would join Marek and the dissident Senators in the fight for freedom. At that moment, a contingent of stormtroopers, led by Darth Vader himself, attacked the congregation. As the stormtroopers battled the security officers that each Senator had brought, Kota drew his lightsaber and launched himself at Vader, only to be choked momentarily before being knocked to the ground. With Kota and the Senators captured, Vader hurled the conference table at Marek, knocking him out the window, before leaving.

Back in the Rogue Shadow, Marek meditated, and recieved a vision of where Vader had taken the rebels, and sensed they were being held onboard the Death Star, in the throne room of Emperor Palpatine himself. Eclipse set a course for the battlestation, and entered hyperspace.

Duel on the Death StarEdit

The rebels were bought before Palpatine, who told them he intended to interrogated them and eventually execute them as an example to other insurgents. Kota commented that there would definitely be a Rebellion. As he said this, Palpatine's holocam revealed that Marek was approaching the room. Palpatine told Vader to deal withe the 'boy'. Vader engaged Marek in a duel, and overpowered him, slicing his respitory mask off, and wounding him with the Force. With Vader at Marek's mercy, a cackling Palpatine tried to force Marek to kill Vader and become his apprentice. Sensing the deception, Kota used the force to snatch the Emperor's lightsaber from his belt, and used it to kill the Imperial Red Guards watching the prisoners, before leaping at Palpatine. The Dark Lord of the Sith blasted the Jedi General with Force Lightning, slamming him into the floor. Forced to choose between seeking retribution and slaying Vader, or aiding Kota and attackigthe Emperor, Marek chose to save Kota, and tossed a series of debris and transparisteel at Palpatine.

With the Sith Lord subdued, Kota knew Marek wanted to kill him for all he had done to him. Kota counselled him not to, saying that if he gave in to hate, he would be right back where he started. Marek relented, and prepared to leave with the Senators in the Rogue Shadow. But Palpatine was'nt about to let them escape, and he blasted them with more lightning. Kota was knocked over, but recovered in time to see Marek absorb the lightning into himself, urging Kota and the Senator's to leave. As Vader arrived with more stormtroopers, Marek unleashed a massive force-explosion, crippling the throne room, injuring Palpatine and Vader and killing Marek himself. Vader promsised his master he would hunt down and destroy the now-indentified rebels.

Meanwhile, The rebels gathered on the Wookie homeworld in the former home of Kento Marek, Galen Marek's father. There they decided they would fight on against the Empire. Princess Leia joined them there and proposed they use the crest of the Marek family as the symbol of the Alliance, and they all agreed. Kota spoke to Juno Eclipse, Galen Marek's pilot during this time, she asked him if he knew that Galen was the person who had blinded him. Kota stated that he had suspected it all along, Juno then asked why he would agree to help Galen if he knew this. Kota said that when Galen came to him on Cloud City he saw in Galen's mind one bright thing that Galen held onto even in the end: Juno

Early DaysEdit

Following the signing of the Declaration of Rebellion, Kota, Eclipse, Leia, and the Senators flew to Corellia, where the resistance movement slowly grew into the Rebel Alliance, acquiring ships, soldiers, and supplies. They also found PROXY and repaired him. After repairing him, PROXY said that Galens last order was to have Juno as his new master.

Kota formed his own squad of troopers and commandos, and they took command of the Rogue Shdow from Eclipse, who had been given command of the EF-76 Nebulon B class assault frigate Salvation. Using the Rogue Shadow, Kota and his squad struck at several Imperial targets, holding the viewpoint that critical raids by small forces against important targets could effectively disrupt Imperial forces throughout a region. Kota was aided by Eclipse and her fledgling fleet. Due to Kota's strategy, several targets fell. Including the Shipyards at Kuat, and facilties at Selonia and Druckenwell.

Raid on Cato NeimoidiaEdit

When Eclipse announced she had been ordered to take the Salvation to Cato Neimoidia on a training mission for her crew, Kota took the oppurtunity to take his squad as well, knowing that Cato Neimoidia was a hub for the redistribution of slaves throughout the Empire, and also knew the attack would be an oppurtunity to bring down the planet's Imperial governor, Baron Merillion Tarko.

Upon their arrival, Eclipse and her crew engaged the TIE Fighters in space, and Kota and his squad flew the Rogue Shadow into the atmosphere, destroying turbolsaer gun emplacements and ground facilites, while searching for a landing zone to unload his squad. As the battle progressed, both Kota and Eclipse realised the planet was better defended than the data from Alliance Intelligence had indicated. TIE Fighter reinforcements had launched from the facility, and Kota suspected the building he tought was a barracks complex was used for something else, and intended to destroy it. As Eclipse conferred woth Kota vis comlink, a massive explosion occured near the city, removing the Rogue Shadow from the Salvation's sensors. Beliveing Kota to be dead, Eclipse fled the system, and rendezvoused with the Alliance Fleet, relaying her report to High Command, telling them that Kota had been killed.

Kota had survived, and infiltrated the city of Tarko-se along with his squad, who were executed when they entered what was discovered to be a gladitorial arena. Kota fought on, slaying many exotic beasts and warriors. He had just finsihed off a squad of stormtroopers when Galen Marek entered the arena. Thinking that he had been killed on the Death Star a year prieviously, Kota had no time to question his appearance when Tarko unleashed a gorog, a beast hundreds of times larger than a rancor, to kill the two Jedi.

Marek engaged the beast with his lightsabers, while Kota ran through the seating, killing stormtroopers wherever he found them. When he arrived in the skybox, he confronted the Baron, cutting down his stormtrooper guards and Neimoidian aides. After this occured, the Baron pulled a blaster from beneath his cloak, and at that moment, Marek jumped into the box from the roof, and the two Jedi began deflecting Tarko's blaster fire. At that moment, the Gorog crushed the arena, but the skybox remained intact, connected to the arena by its own support. The Baron fell into the gorogs open mouth, and the turbulence caused Kota to fall out, and he was grabbed by the gorog. Marek sliced the beasts fingers with his lightsaber, and the beast released Kota, and the two Jedi fell onto the Rogue Shadow, to find it empty. Marek claimed he needed a place to think, and Kota, who dissaproved, told Marek to drop him off at a starport where he could recruit more men who were willing to fight.

Attack on the SalvationEdit

Galen and Kota went onto the Salvation and talked a little. Galen then gave Kota an incripted code syllender that had navigational cordinates and information on the defenses of Kamino. Just then, an alarm went off and Kota and Galen raced for the bridge. Along the way they had to fight small droids and some stormtroopers.

When they got to the bridge, everyone was dead but Junos' body wasn't amongst them. Galen asked PROXY where Juno was and it said that she was taken by a bounty hunter. Galen then tried to pursue her cutting down any enemy in his way.

Meanwhile, Kota contacted Alliance High Command to help with attacking Kamino along with the Dac Resistances help. They agreed, for they needed a major victory against the empire. Kota then set the nav cordinates and went to Kamino. This would be a do or die mission.

Attack on KaminoEdit

After despatching of hostile intruding droids in the bowells of the ship, Kota was accompanied by Marek on the bridge of the ship just as the ship exited hyperspace. The vastly outgunned Rebel Fleet was joined by the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers Solidarity and Liberty mid battle. Kota, directing the battle from the command bridge, realzsed the need for the destruction of the shield which could not be accomplished due to interior damage to the ship. Marek proposed a daring plan to eliminate the shields: Pilot the Salvation into the shields, using the force to breach them, and use the ship as a missile to destroy the shield's power station. They accomplished this, and Kota directed the Alliance's troops landing on Kamino, followed by fighter cover. Kota and Marek captured a landing zone and then went there separet ways.

The General and his squad fought through the city and confronted and subdued Boba Fett. Boba killed some of Kota's men with his fllamethrower. Kota called for PORXY's help and PROXY turned into Jango Fett and Boba froze. Kota took advantage of this and attacked. Boba fled and Kota continued.

Kota and Marek met again near the tower that Juno was on top of. Kota told Galen that they could save her together but Marek went on his own. Imperial reinforcements came and Kota begged Marek to come back but he refused. Kota managed to hold the imperials off: barely.

Kota met up with Marek again and found Vader at his mercy. He begged Marek not to kill him, but to take him prisoner instead. Marek agreed and Vader was taken into rebel custody. Vader did escape at about 0 BBY.

Powers and SkillsEdit

Kota was a skilled and powerful Jedi Master capable of numerous feats easily. He was a practitioner of the seventh form of lightsaber combat, Juyo. He was trained by jedi grand master Yoda in the arts of lightsaber dueling and usage of the force. He wielded a green lightsaber which he could throw with surprising accuracy. He also used a defensive stance when fighting.


Kota was a gruff and militant man, he had few friends among the Jedi due to his outward hostile personality. Kota was distrustful of the clone troopers as well, a distrust that was proven with Order 66. After Order 66 Kota was determined to take down the Empire, and was bent on destroying the Sith. Kota was angry when he fought Marek instead of Vader and called him 'Boy' as an insult. After his defeat he seemed to lose his confidence in himself and the fight against the Empire, he also seemed to lose his ability to use the force. Because of this he took to drinking and was very depressed when Marek found him. His confidence was restored by aiding Marek, by the time of Marek's death he was once again a commanding presence, and appeared to have regained his force powers as well. Despite his gruff personality he paused and spoke to Juno in order to reassure her after Marek's death.

Finishing Moves for Rahm Kota Boss FightEdit

PlayStation 3Edit

These are the buttons that finish the Rahm Kota fight on the PlayStation 3. Once the player presses the square button to finish him, the buttons that appear one by one are:

PS3 Square PS3 X PS3 Circle

Xbox 360Edit

These are the buttons that finish the Rahm Kota fight on the Xbox 360. Once the player presses the X button to finish him, the buttons that appear one by one are:

Xbox 360 X Xbox 360 A Xbox 360 B

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