Kamino is a water planet. When the republic was alive, it was used to make clones for the Clone Army. It is also Boba Fett's home world. After Order 66, it was used to support the Empire. Vader had used it for a different reason in the game. Darth Vader had made many clones of Galen Marek in hopes of getting a new apprentice, one more loyal to him. The clones all had their template's memories and eventually went insane. Vader created more and more clones for six months until one clone survived, but he still had Galen's memories. He then experienced a mermory flash of Vader "killing" Galen and broke out and fought his way through to Vader's ship. He then escaped using Vader's own ship. Later, the Rebel fleet came to Kamino and started the Battle of Kamino.
399px-Eaw Kamino



The battle of Kamino

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