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Imperial Royal Guard

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Royal Guard serve the evil Emperor as his personal bodyguards, assassins, and executioners. Clad in crimson robes and sinister helmets, members of the Royal Guard are always at Palpatine’s side and remain fanatically loyal to his dark vision. The Emperor has selected each member of the elite Royal Guard from the ranks of only the most successful Stormtroopers. Criteria for admission into the Imperial Royal Guard include great strength and intelligence, along with an unwavering devotion to the Empire. Despite their constant presence alongside the Emperor, very little is known about the workings of the Royal Guard. The unit is so secretive that suggestions as to its numbers have ranged from 50 to tens of
thousands. Although trained in the use of many weapons, the Royal Guard typically wield Force pikes, which they combine with hand-to-hand attacks during combat. They are also somewhat resistant to the Force, allowing them to withstand Force powers that would easily dispatch Stormtroopers.

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