Imperial Acolyte TFU II

An Acolyte on Kamino.

Imperial Acolytes were Imperial units that were trained to in Sith arts, such as Force Lightning.


These units are trained the basic Sith arts by Lord Vader. Acolytes are drilled on Kamino and were deployed on Kamino also. They had red Royal Guard armor.

Deployment HistoryEdit

They were trained and drilled on the watery world of Kamino, and were also stationed there. There were thousands of them there on Kamino when Galen Marek attacked the planet with the Rebel Fleet. After defeating many Rebels, they were all killed.


Their armor was similar to the Royal Guard's armor and the Saber Guard's armor. It is red, like the Royal Guard's. Their helmets are hoods with a visor and small plastic piece.

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