Darth Phobos
Darth Phobos
Species Theelin
Homeworld Korriban
Death Before 2000 BBY
Gender Female
Affiliation Sith
side Dark Side

Darth Phobos was a female Theelin Sith Lord who lived thousands of years before the Clone Wars. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren in the video game.



Darth Phobos was born on Korriban, the stronghold of the Sith, thousands of years before the emergence of the Clone Wars. Phobos was a cunning and manipulative warrior who used her Force powers to control the minds of the weak. She murdered many of her Sith allies in her quest for power. Eventually the Sith turned on Phobos, destroying her starship while it was in low-orbit over Korriban. Phobos was presumed dead, but she had in fact survived and gone into hiding.

During the course of the several decades that followed, Phobos recruited several acolytes for her cult and used them to hunt down Jedi and Sith alike. At some point the Sith began to suspect Phobos had returned from the dead and nicknamed her "The Hidden Fear." Phobos was eventually killed in a battle with Jedi and Sith warriors, but her cult remained active for a long time afterward, disappearing sometime around 2,000 BBY.

A simulacrum of Phobos was used in Jedi training, often as a trial for Padawans being promoted to fully-fledged Jedi Knights. Appearing inside the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Phobos encounter constituted the "Trial of Insight", in which the Padawan would be confronted with their deepest fear.

Duel With StarkillerEdit

In 3 BBY, Darth Vader's secret apprentice Galen Marek confronted Phobos as part of his Sith training. She appeared to him in the form of Juno Eclipse, sensing the captain's death would be the thing Starkiller feared most, and he would hesitate to attack her. Nonetheless, Starkiller defeated her using his Force powers and lightsaber. Phobos had a saberstaff


Phobos was a wicked and deceitful Sith warrior, using her opponent's fear against them and manipulating their mind to trick them into serving her. She was a selfish creature, turning against the Sith in her quest for power, eventually leading to her downfall.

Physical appearanceEdit

Like all Theelin, Phobos had horns growing on the sides of her head and thick reptile-like feet. Her most striking feature was her vividly-colored blue mane of hair.

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