There are two types of crystals in "The Force Unleashed." Lightsaber crystals allow you to change the appearance of your lightsaber in both color and shape. You can make your saber longer, wider or more eye appealing. Power crystals give you additional gameplay benefits, and some crystals are harder to find than others.

How to Obtain the Crystals Edit

  1. Enter the TIE Construction Yard level. Clear the troops out of the area and walk up some stairs through a hatch. The green crystal is at the top. Complete the level to unlock the Kaiburr Crystal, which increases your force push.
  2. Go to the "Trial of Skill" level and destroy the four large statues to get the purple lightsaber crystal. Complete the level to unlock the Qixoni crystal, which strengthens your force cho k ability.
  3. Defeat the Junk Behemoth mini-boss in Raxus Prime. Grab the orange lightsaber crystal, which is out in the open. The purple crystal appears in a hallway shortly after you defeat two large droids past the second mini-boss, Drexl Roosh.
  4. Enter "Trial of Insight" to find the blue and green crystals and obtain the Opila crystal. The green crystal is located to the left of the main entryway, while the blue one is located on the same side as the main doorway. Defeat the boss to obtain the Opila crystal, which strengthens your lightsaber tosses.
  5. Obtain the red and purple crystals in Felucia. Shortly after the mini-boss Rancor, you'll notice a rock behind a Republic cannon that you can destroy to get the red crystal. Later on in the level, you'll face two Rancors. Defeat them and break a rock that's past the save point, which holds the purple crystal.
  6. Defeat the mini-boss AT-ST in Kashyyyk and go back to the entrance. A red lightsaber crystal appears next to the wreckage of a Wookiee vehicle. The orange crystal is located to the left of the entryway to the second AT-ST mini-boss. Finish the level to get the Dragite crystal, which increases the damage your blows deal with the lightsaber.
  7. Enter Dark Felucia to find the green lightsaber crystal. It is located to the right of the pathway before the web barrier, shortly after defeating Bull Rancor. You also get the Firkrann crystal when you complete the level, which strengthens your force lightning.
  8. Enter Imperial Raxus Prime and defeat the AT-ST. The blue lightsaber crystal is located in the small room above the harness in the area where you defeat him. In the next area, stand on the TIE fighter hologram and spin around to locate the red lightsaber crystal platform on the wall. You get the Damind crystal, which increases your lightsaber's overall strength, upon the level's completion.
  9. Find the blue lightsaber crystal in Cloud City. It is located behind the open elevator directly before the mini-boss Kleef.
  10. Get the orange crystal on the Death Star. It is on the platform to the left of the AT-ST mini-boss.

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