Cato Neimoidia was a planet that the clone of Galen Marek needed to visit in order to save Rahm Kota.

Clone WarsEdit

During the clone wars, it was a planet under strict control of the separatists. Neimoidians such as Nute Gunray lived there. Before Order 66 It was invaded by Master Ferroda and his men. When order 66 was issued shortly after arriaval, he was killed and with the droids gone, the empire earned complete control. Baron Tarko now controled the planet

Loss, Capture, and RescueEdit

After the rebel alliance lost, Rahm Kota was captured and was due to be excecuted. Galen Marek came to the planet and recued him. But, Tarko realesed the Gorog and it attacked Galen. After fighting it, Galen finds Kota and then the Gorog busted in. It ate Baron Tarko and grabbed Kota. Galen jumped after him and freed Kota. They boarded the Rogue Shadow and and took off.